Gold Book 12"

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You guys realize you live in a sewer, right?

I'm just glad my fat, ugly mama isn't alive to see this day. Yeah, and if you were the pope they'd be all, "Straighten your pope hat." And "Put on your good vestments." I'm Santa Claus! Fetal stemcells, aren't those controversial?

  1. This is the worst part. The calm before the battle.
  2. You won't have time for sleeping, soldier, not with all the bed making you'll be doing.
  3. Yeah, I do that with my stupidness.

Fry, we have a crate to deliver.

No, she'll probably make me do it. Oh God, what have I done?

  • Anyone who laughs is a communist!
  • Who said that? SURE you can die! You want to die?!
  • Just once I'd like to eat dinner with a celebrity who isn't bound and gagged.

I daresay that Fry has discovered the smelliest object in the known universe! No, just a regular mistake. Who are you, my warranty?! Kids have names?